Punycodes DAO Manifesto

Punycodes DAO expresses its respect for artists and creators, and wants to recognize original Punycodes creators for the true pioneers they are.


If an original creator of a historical Punycode ever proves that they're the original creator via the wallet verification message process, Punycodes DAO commits to doing its best to ensure that the original creator receives value. An example of this could be to receive a substantial part of the royalties forever if & Vault launches individual contracts for historical collections. Another example could be gifting Punycode assets to the original creator from the DAO wallet, as per the DAO vote (depending on the creator's contribution to the collection).


Punycodes DAO honored this manifesto until now by gifting multiple Punycodes (and other NFTs too!) to its first known artist, halluciphile, and further including artist royalties into the conversations with Emblem Vault.